So, there will be many players in this space and a vast targeted audience from which to gain referrals. An easy way to do so is to identify small topical pockets where you can carve a niche for yourself. If you have a specific skill set or specialized domain knowledge, highlight this. You should use it to your advantage as it will help differentiate your content. MyLead is a global affiliate network that to this day has paid over $ 2 million to their users.

Networks also handle your relationship with the brands, including reporting, tracking, and payment. For example, it may be dull for your audience to read about web hosting services. Consider adding a YouTube video to offer a how-to guide on signing up for and using the service.

With MyLead affiliates usually get paid within 48 hours, using bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, Bank, Revolut, WebMoney and Bitcoin. These partners are already creating content on the subject of trading and will be an authority on the issue themselves. Referral programs are all about bringing new clients to a Forex trading partner.

Tips To Make Money As A Forex Affiliate

Their affiliate marketing incorporates the most recent trends, so the products they’re promoting stand out from the rest. They are able to make their products seem more desirable by choosing platforms and marketing channels that differ from one another. A significant difference between Forex affiliate marketing and simply hosting advertisements on your website is that, as an affiliate marketer, you advocate for the company. By recommending this Forex broker to your audience, you are personally recommending them to invest their time and capital in. As you can see, starting a forex affiliate business doesn’t have to be complicated. You can then work on earning the respect of your base and focus on providing useful information first and foremost.

  • Infinite Profit System is different from other forex tools because it doesn’t automate your trading.
  • These are ideal for a well-established individual with a significant social media presence or another online platform, one that’s related to trading and has authority in the area.
  • You can choose to test the waters with a demo account or deposit US$200 to get started with your ‘Standard’ account.
  • So when it comes to Forex affiliate marketing programs, you’re dealing with an award-winning Forex broker that has over a decade of trading in Forex markets at an international level.

They often say that the best way to make money during a gold rush is to sell pans and shovels, and we’re definitely seeing a gold rush on the forex markets right now. This could be a great opportunity for you to make money as a forex affiliate. You don’t have to go crazy here; just a simple WordPress site will do most of the time. Inspire yourself from your competitors, and check what they’re covering.

Over to You: How to Promote Forex Affiliate Programs

Most successful traders and currency trading business owners start their forex journey by first trading with their capital. However, this is not a problem for some partners, as a rule, it concerns those who already have experience working with affiliate programs. Forex affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn in proportion to your efforts and your skills. In this article, we will provide valuable insight into the world of forex affiliate marketing programs and give you some useful tips on how to succeed in this business getting the most out of forex affiliate marketing tools. Even if you do manage to achieve a good and healthy level of passive income through your commissions you should be aware that there is always room from improvement.

Blackbull Markets

Orbex is an example of a Forex affiliate program and is one of the best available. In other words, a revenue stream that you don’t have to put a great deal of time and effort into to see results. The latter is what happens behind the closed doors of massive Forex brokers.

BlackBull Partners is the referral program of the award-winning, FMA-regulated New Zealand multi-asset broker, BlackBull Markets. We offer a range of over 26,000 tradable assets to retail investors, across multiple account types and the industry-leading trading platforms MT4, MT5, TradingView, and our own platforms BlackBull Trade and BlackBull Social. For a start, the type of Forex broker affiliate programs will dictate what you’re capable of earning more than anything. BlackBull Markets stands out from other forex brokers by having an institutional background and expertise in the market. They are regulated by multiple authorities and offer Islamic trading accounts for Muslim traders who want to trade according to Sharia law.

Technology is constantly advancing, so you can’t expect clients to trade with previous generation tools. You’ll sometimes have access to promotional tools and content packages to help you along. There’s support available across multiple languages and sometimes 24/7 to increase your chances of success. You can be sure deposited funds are also safe, and the people you refer are more likely to start their accounts as a result.

If the email is clear and engaging it is more likely to result in actual conversions. Using CFDs and the affiliate programs available, you can refer traders or investors that will keep active trading accounts. This Forex broker affiliate program has all the usual stuff like lots of creatives, support for multiple languages, a dedicated affiliate manager, etc. They also have a CPA offer of around $600 for sending them a new client. This amount is obviously only paid for VIP level clients, but it still gives you an idea of what kind of income is possible as a Forex affiliate.

You could post reviews of different platforms or make money by mentioning some platforms in your posts. You could also monetize a blog through other methods such as AdSense, native ads, and banner ads. To start a trading business, you only need a laptop, currency trading software, and an internet connection.

The best brokers available through Forex marketing programs will provide you with a dedicated account manager just by signing up to the platform. Even with regular Forex affiliate programs, you can track your performance, receive fast payouts, and receive free marketing and training tools. A Forex affiliate is a marketer who promotes a specific product or service offered by someone else.

By establishing long-term relationships with clients, introducing brokers can enhance client satisfaction. The most important step is picking a platform, product, or service that is well-respected. Promoting wrong products will hurt your reputation and will make it harder for you to sell products over the long run. If you’re not sure where to look, one of the easiest ways to find affiliate programs is to check with any brokers your competition is reviewing and get their affiliate sign up information.

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