It is the best approach in order to execute the stress testing and load testing in an Adhoc manner. In this type of monkey testing, the test engineer has a good knowledge of the system. Furthermore, the smart monkey tests are aware of where the pages of the application will redirect to. Subsequently, Monkey Testing includes testing the software or application by giving some random data and detecting whether the system fails or not. The data created or developed from random testing can be additionally used to approximate product consistency.

Simple to carry out − Conducting random checks against random data is a simple approach to put the system through its paces. Monkey testing is an automated test that is performed without regard for any specifications. The primary goal of the test is to identify mistakes and flaws in the program in order to assure the product’s entire development. The phrase «monkey testing» originally appeared in Glenford J. Myers’ 1979 book «The Art of Software Testing.» It is a well-known practice among software developers. Gorilla Testing is a Software testing technique wherein a module of the program is repeatedly tested to ensure that it is working correctly and there is no bug in that module.

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The Monkey worked in tandem with the other programs, data entering functioning in the system. We can say that as it is not always possible to regenerate the bugs, it becomes almost difficult and sometimes impossible for us to reproduce the same found bug. It is very time-consuming work that requires a lot of effort, therefore we cannot recommend Monkey testing in the initial stages of the testing. There are many tools which make it possible to perform the automated test efficiently. The smart monkey can be efficient when provided with the state model but it also becomes expensive in that case.

what is monkey testing

Monkey testing helps us understand how the application’s behavior when given to a user with no idea how to use it. Monkey testing requires lesser time and effort when compared with other kinds of testing. Monkey testing ensures that the software application is reliable and efficient. Gorilla testing comes under a manual testing technique in which a tester would test a module repeatedly to test the robustness of the module. Here the developer and tester join hand in hand to test a particular module in all aspects.

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Monkey testing completely focuses on crashing the system by hitting random inputs, so the testing team can guarantee the robustness of the product. As monkey testing follows such a random technique, the tester might find it hard to reproduce the bug found during testing. Exploratory testing is useful during development, particularly when coupled with Agile development. I once tested a Windows client UI by randomly banging on the keyboard while my coworker randomly moved and clicked the mouse. I found bugs that way, and I could reproduce them, but I couldn’t tell you the exact set of keystrokes and mouse clicks that triggered the problem.

  • In initial phases of testing, tester may not find bugs, but it can help is discovering memory leak, hardware crash, fault lines which are difficult to find in normal testing.
  • You can control an android emulator or device using the API’s provided by the Monkeyrunner tool.
  • Let’s say we are testing a train ticket booking application, the tester will know how the application works and will have a clear picture of how it should and shouldn’t work under random inputs.
  • In Gorilla testing, each module of the application is taken one at a time and a range of valid and invalid inputs are entered to verify those modules.
  • The team developed it to generate a specific percentage of commands, menu clicks, window events etc out of all the random events so that they could target the testing as per their requirements.
  • Some tools like MonkeyRunner and UI/Application Exerciser Monkey are used for android application monkey testing.

This situation may get changed with coming era of Testing Process then we will have look towards the upcoming impact of Monkey testing and its significant effect on industry standards. This is an introductory tutorial for Monkey Testing to cover basic idea about it. So we can say that one could opt for this particular kind of test if they lack in time and have performed other required test. Also one needs to ensure that the application is highly stable and can be reproduced as it focuses on the crash of the entire system. This application is quite different from the MonkeyRunner tool, which controls the android device from exterior to the android code while U/I Application exerciser monkey runs inside the emulator. As the MonkeyRunner tool is used to perform the framework level of testing and functional test, it can also be used to random testing test suites.

Origin of Monkey Testing

Exploratory testing is a simultaneous process of test design and test execution all done at the same time. The focus of exploratory testing is more on testing as a «thinking» activity. It is trendy among test engineers as they used this testing to test applications by providing random inputs and checking their behavior. The monkey testing is primarily implemented automatically where the user inserts any random invalid input and tests its performance.

what is monkey testing

These references provide insights into the research and approaches taken to automate parts of the Monkey Testing process. While complete automation may be challenging, these techniques and frameworks offer possibilities for incorporating automation to improve efficiency and coverage. You can use MonkeyRunner to automate testing scenarios on android devices, performing actions like launching the app, entering data, and verifying UI elements. Now, let’s explore some of the top tools that can assist you in implementing this testing technique effectively and efficiently.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Test Automation Scripts

As test cases are adhoc, application might get into stress, hence tester can also check for server response. These type of Monkey testers perform testing as per customer’s behavior. This type of testing is mostly done when tester has less time to create and execute test cases.

MonkeyTalk allows you to write test scripts that cover various scenarios, such as tapping buttons, filling forms, and validating expected results. You can run UI/Application Monkey against your app to simulate user interactions and uncover potential issues related to UI responsiveness, crashes, or memory leaks. Monkey Testing monkey testing may be mechanized, productive, and quick with the use of tools. The initial step, as with any other testing tool, is to enroll your program with the dedicated server. Smart Monkey − The tester understands the system’s purpose and operation. To do testing, the tester navigates the system and provides legitimate inputs.

Monkey Testing Varieties

Can be accesses by anyone, either a person who has complete knowledge on the application or a person who does not anything regarding the application. The randomness of Monkey testing helps in finding major bugs which can break the system. Can catch bugs or errors that are hard to identify but are critical too. Furthermore, the test engineer knows about the pattern of using the product, and henceforth, they can perform testing from the user’s viewpoint. When the tester doesn’t have much knowledge about the user interface and functionality.

what is monkey testing

Gorilla testing, on the other hand, gives developers an idea about the strength of the application and how well it behaves under immense stress. That is why it is performed at the later stages of development when the system is in place. It is a gauge of whether the system behaves within the acceptable range.


The test carried out during monkey testing is so random that it is either not possible or very difficult to recreate any bug. It is very easy to execute because it just requires some random data to run against some random tests. Monkey testing is a very good approach to find out some new bugs which may not be possible from the stated scenarios. A test monkey is an automated that simulates a monkey that tests the application in random fashion. Easy to execute the tests, as generating random data does not demand any complexity. Due to a lack of resources, time, and higher priority projects monkey testing is not widely used across the industry.

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